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Whether you’re living in a rented flat or a large apartment, a Split AC makes those dog days and sweltering nights bearable. Dawlance, LG, Haier, Orient, Pel, Samsung, Mitsubishi, and Daikin– you’ll find the Split AC you need to beat the heat right here at Bismillah Electronics.

Our collection of the best Split ACs in India has one for every room size – 0.5 Ton for cooling your kids’ bedroom, 1.5 Ton for the master bedroom, and 2 Ton Split AC or the 3 Ton variant for your sprawling living room.

The latest game-changer in the AC segment is the Inverter technology. An Inverter Split AC, doesn’t just cool the room better but also helps save power. Unlike regular Split ACs or even Window ACs, an Inverter Split AC has a variable-speed compressor that maintains a constant speed to deliver the desired temperature while using only as much power as is required.

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Explore the best split air conditioners at Bismillah Electronics.

Rising temperatures in Pakistan have made air conditioners more or less of a necessity for every household. However, choosing the right model can often be tedious, as there is a number of factors to consider, like the size and number of people in the room. A wrong air conditioner can also result in large electricity bills or regret over buying an AC that isn’t very good at cooling your room. Split air conditioners are one of the best types of ACs due to their incredible features.

Split ACs as the name might suggest, have two units. The indoor unit is placed in the house and the other is placed outside. As the compressor is placed in the external unit, split ACs end up being quieter than window-type ACs. Unlike clunky window ACs, split air conditioners look more elegant and easily blend in with home or office décor. Split air conditioners also come with the latest generation inverter and convertible AC technology which makes them more power-efficient than window ACs.

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