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Are you looking to buy Fans? Let us help you find the best Fan!

With a wide range of Fan available in the market, it often gets confusing to differentiate one product from its competitor or to choose one that best meets your requirements. This is where Bismillah Electronics steps in. At Bismillah Electronics, we take pride in helping you buy. It is our constant endeavor to understand your needs and to help you find the product best suited for You! Because a purchase is just the first step to a relationship that will last for years to come.


Talking about relationships, Bismillah Electronics has been selling fans for over a decade. We have ample expertise in selling fans owing to our tie-ups and associations with a variety of OEMs who are known for being the best fan brands not only in Pakistan but across the world. In fact, this strong association allows us to gather unique insights into what the market actually wants and, hence, apart from curating a wide range.

The Necessity of Fans

The sweltering summer heat causes great discomfort, leaving us with a great deal of sweat and frustration. As a result, it becomes necessary to buy fans and coolers for homes and offices. Fans are not only used for getting cool air but fans have also become a special part of enhancing the beauty of homes.

Types of Fans:

Ceiling Fans: These are the most common types of fans. Easy to install, these are mounted from the ceiling.


Desk Fans: Also called table fans, they are small and portable. They can easily be installed in both home and office environments.


Pedestal Fans: They feature a height-adjustable stand. The head of the fan can also be adjusted to throw the air in a particular direction. It is useful for large areas, where a single ceiling fan cannot cool the entire room.


Tower Fans: They are tall and narrow fans that sit on the floor like a standalone device. These fans are designed to provide cool air, and with an oscillating head, they efficiently cool the room.


Wall Mount Fans: These types of fans are supposed to be mounted on a wall so as to circulate air in the entire room.


Exhaust Fans: They are designed to remove hot air or air that is full of unwanted odor from inside the room to outside.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Buying a Fan

Get a suitable fan for your home that not only gives you a cool breeze but also helps you save on your electrical bills. Here are some factors that one should look for while buying a fan


Blades: Strong blade construction to last long and withstand mechanical stress.


Adjustable Height: Fans with adjustable height to set the direction of air.


Air Delivery: This is the amount of air that a fan circulates every minute. It is generally measured in cubic meters per minute.


Automatic Shut-off: This feature automatically powers off the fan.


Speed Settings: Fans should come with various speed settings for user convenience.

Thinking If You Should Buy Fans Online or from the Store?

Bismillah Electronics ensures a seamless shopping experience – in-store, online or mobile. So, whether you are looking for a fan online, or you simply want to visit Bismillah Electronics, touch and feel the product and get the best recommendation from Bismillah Electronics representatives before making a buying decision, you have all the options at your disposal. Among a flurry of benefits. After all, the core purpose of Bismillah Electronics is to convert each and every dream of our customers into reality.

Bismillah Electronics offers an extensive array of protection, repair, and maintenance plans for appliances and devices. To keep your electronics running for a longer time, it is a wise decision to explore and buy ZIP Services from Bismillah Electronics. For your fans, you can consider getting Extended Warranty, Device Secure, and Device Secure Gold plans.

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