Knead Atta Dough Without Touching and Also Make Fresh Bread with Dough Kneader

With this innovative product, you can now make different types of healthy and fresh bread, without any preservatives, at home. You can also bake fruit cakes to celebrate special moments with your family. This automatic appliance also eliminates the hassles associated with unhygienic atta kneading with hands, and thus makes the process absolutely hygienic and convenient.

Preservative Free Bread

The bread and cakes available in the market might be loaded with preservatives, chemicals, and color making them unhealthy.  Dough kneader let you bake fresh and healthy bread right in your home without adding any preservatives.

Hygienic Process

The automatic operation of the Dough kneader is a hygienic process as there is no requirement to touch the dough with bare hands.

Automatic Kneading, Fermenting, and Baking

This smart appliance makes it convenient for you to make any kind of bread or cake, jam, or knead atta for poori, chapatti, or parantha. All you need to do is add the ingredients, press the set desired program from the menu and relax. It’s not just automatic; it’s intelligent too.

Customize Flavours and Ingredients

Customize ingredients by using different types of wheat or flour and treat yourself to delicious, healthy varieties of fresh bread. You can make gluten-free bread, even add dry fruits, and much more.

Healthy Atta Kneading

Dough kneader also lets you knead healthy and fresh dough automatically and without touching it with your hands. You can then make hot chapattis from the dough in the most hygienic manner.

19 Program Menus

Dough kneader has the ability to set 19 menus program which makes cooking quick and easy. Basic Bread | Quick Bread | Sweet Bread | French Bread | Whole-Wheat Bread | Rice Bread | Gluten-Free Bread | Dessert | Poori Atta | Pizza Dough | Chapatti Atta | Cake | Jam | Yogurt | Bake | Sticky Rice | Rice Wine | Defrost | Stir-Fry

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