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Looking for Hair Straighteners? Need help to know what’s best for you?

Hair Straighteners

With a wide range of gadgets available in the market, it often gets confusing to differentiate one product from its competitor or to choose one that best meets your requirements. This is where Bismillah Electronics steps in. At Bismillah Electronics, we take pride in helping you buy. It is our constant endeavor to understand your needs and help you find the product best suited for You! Because a purchase is just the first step to a relationship that will last for years to come.

The best straightener for healthy straight hair

We all love sleek, shiny, straight hair! Where few people are blessed with it, other needs the best hair straightener. If it’s your first time buying a hair straightener or just replacing the old one, do check out Croma. We offer a wide range of straighteners for fine and coarse hair types.

Do consider following while shopping for a hair straightener

Investing in a good hair straightening machine is always a good idea. With a few models you can do a lot more than just straightening; you can curl, add volume to the crown area, and more. Buy a straightener that won’t just last yet additionally shield your hair from heat damage, split ends, breakage, and uneven textures. Here are a few things to consider while looking for a perfect hair straightener.

Hair Type– When it comes to hair straighteners and buying one for yourself, it is important to know your hair type. Whether it is thick, fine, coarse, or curly hair. This will help you to decide how much heat you require to transform your hair into straight, sleek hair. Knowing your hair type will help you choose which straightener will be the best-suited considering factors such as size and heat settings. Buy a professional hair straightener online at the best price for a professional result.

Plate Width– The wider the plate, the speedier you straighten your hair. For long and thick hair, a plate with 2-inch or more width is ideal. In case you are looking for a straightener for curling hair then a plate with 1 ½ inches is good. If you have perms or waves, a 1-inch plate will deliver long-lasting results. And if you have short hair, bangs, or spikes, then mini plates are best. These can even serve as men’s hair straighteners due to mini plates.

Plate Material– Most professional hair straightener plates are built from ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. These are the best materials for heat reduction as they evenly heat the surface. As a result, the chance of hair damage is reduced. These materials also release negatively charged ions to neutralize and balance out the frizzy hair or tighten the hair’s cuticle. Check the ceramic plate’s hair straightener price online.

Temperature Settings– Most of the branded hair straighteners available online and in-store feature variable temperature setting options. This is a very important factor to look at while buying any hair styling tool- hair straightening brush, blow dryer, electric pressing comb, hair multi-styler, hair curler, and straightener. This function helps you to set the temperature as per your hair type. The temperature can be seen in the digital LED display on the tool itself. The straightener price may differ depending on the heating technology, plate type, and brand you want to buy. Get the best deal on straighteners online at Bismillah Electronics.

Cordless hair straighteners Vs Corded hair straighteners

Where the market was filled with corded hair straighteners. A few brands thought of stepping the game up and they introduced cordless hair straighteners. Yes, these compactable straighteners don’t need an electricity plug. All you have to do is charge and carry where ever you go. This adds unbeatable convenience to the user. But if we talk about which is better in performance, the answer is they both are equal. Cordless straighteners are best for those who travel a lot and want freedom from wires. Whereas the people who spend most of their time at home can opt for wired straighteners. Cordless hair straightener cost may be a little high due to the portability feature but when it comes to function both serve a good purpose.

Thinking if you should buy hair straighteners online or from a Store?

Honestly, as long as you know exactly what you want, you can do either. At Bismillah Electronics, we try to ensure a seamless buying experience – in-store, online or mobile. Among a flurry of benefits, we provide personalized exclusive offers, convenient EMI payment options, etc. Just in case you face any problem with your gadget. After all, the core purpose of Bismillah Electronics is to convert each and every dream of our customers into reality.

Bismillah Electronics offers an extensive array of protection, repair, and maintenance plans for appliances and devices. To keep your electronics running for a longer time, it is a wise decision to explore and buy ZIP Services from Bismillah Electronics. For your hair straightener, you can consider getting Extended Warranty, Device Secure, and Device Secure Gold.

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