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Induction stoves or cookers are a revolution and the latest trend in cooking technology and are seen in plenty of urban kitchens today. They are portable, smart, and energy-efficient appliances with pre-set timers and multiple touch-based functions for different types of foods, that make the process of cooking faster and more convenient. All induction cooktops have a flat surface made of either ceramic material or glass. The shape is flat to prevent the flat pans from slipping on the cooktop. It is easy to clean induction cooktops as well.

Now, you can shop for a wide variety of induction cookers online at You can check out induction cooker prices, the best induction stoves as per brands, their varied features, etc. before making a purchase. So, just log on to from the comfort of your home or wherever, and buy induction stoves online.

The Best Induction Stoves Online

  1. Philips Induction Cooktop

These induction stoves have fantastic build quality and customized programs for making Pakistani dishes. They come with 10 pre-set menus for different Pakistani recipes, a maximum power draw of 2100W, and a heating capacity of up to 270-degree Celsius.

 Things to consider while buying Induction Cookers

 1. Power rate

Most induction cooktops rate between 1000-2000W.

2. Pre-set menu

Depending on the dish that you cook, the pre-set menu adjusts the temperature of the appliance.

3. Safety Features

Specifications like auto-pan detection, auto shut-off, thermal control, etc. are of great importance if you want to buy induction cookers online.

4. Pan size of the cooktop

The size of the cookware needs to match the coil size of the induction cooktop for maximum efficiency.

5. Portability

A portable induction cooktop makes it convenient for the user to take the appliance anywhere they want.

An induction cooktop can make your kitchen chores easy. However, make sure you consider the above factors and also induction cooker prices on, to ensure that you buy something that meets your specific needs.

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