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Put an end to your Whipping and Whisking Woes with Trendy Hand Blenders!

Back in the old days when technology hadn’t really made much progress, people used wooden spoons to beat or whisk things which was such a tiring and time-consuming process. Today, we have different types of hand blenders which help us whisk, beat, whip, mix and grind a number of food items- from soups to purees to eggs to smoothies, cream, and more, with utmost ease and almost instantly. These compact and trendy hand blenders come in a variety of capacities, color combinations, and numerous different functionalities. Go ahead and explore this essential kitchen appliance online where you can shop from a wide selection of renowned brands at great prices.

What are the Different Types of Blender and Grinder?

Before you proceed to purchase a hand blender, make note of the various types of hand blenders based on different user needs and preferences.

1. Immersion Blenders

These are perhaps one of the most common types of personal blenders. They are handheld ‘sticks’ with a comfort handle at one end and a chopping blade surrounded by a safety guard at the other.

One of the best uses for an immersion blender is to blend soups and hot liquids. They are also great for quick mixes where you are blending the powder with liquid.

2. Countertop Blenders

These types of blenders are the one-stop shop for great drinks. They generally have a 2-liter capacity, so countertop blenders are a great option if you are going to be making drinks for a family or party. So, if you’re a fan of mocktails, healthy juices, smoothies, or even purees, this is your ideal appliance.

What are some Vital Factors to Consider While Buying a Blender Online?

Here’s a checklist of things to consider before you purchase a hand blender:

1. Power, Speed, and Control

For light infrequent things, you don’t need much power/speed. For thicker heavier harder things, you need more, and better, power and control. It’s better to go for a blender with over 200-watt power.

It´s important to have a high and a low speed, or a range where you can vary the speed for different uses.

2. Quality & Durability

What is the material the hand blender is made up of and is it the same for each of its parts? What is the warranty and repair service?

Also, look at the material used for the blades. It’s best to go in for blenders with stainless steel as they give superior performance. Metal blender shafts are less likely to strain under pressure than plastic ones.

3. Design

Is it easy to hold, use and clean? Is it easy to switch on and off? Can you get your fingers or thumb on the buttons easily?

Does it overheat, and will it be too noisy or start vibrating in your hand? Also, a neat curly power cord is also much easier to use than a long dangly straight one that can get the way.

4. Ease of use

Check the size and weight, whether it can be mounted onto a wall in order to save space, how easy is it to clean, etc.

5. Functionality

Is the blender versatile? Can it emulsify, whip, puree, blend, crush, etc?

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