Electric kettle: The perfect appliance that can help you kick-start your day

Electric kettles have become a necessary appliance in modern-day kitchens today for those who are running short on time and just can’t do without their morning cup of tea or coffee or need them at regular intervals. Apart from helping you boil water, hot water kettles help you make tea, coffee, soup, and noodles in a jiffy. Also, an electric kettle is a compact appliance, thus making it easily portable while also helping you save on gas. You can shop for a wide range of brands with some impressive features and also check for electric kettle prices online. So, enjoy your cup of steaming hot tea, coffee, green tea, instant noodles, or soup, on the go with the best electric kettles.

What Are Some Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Kettle?

1. Water Storage Capacity:

Typically, there are electric kettles starting from 500 ml to 2 liters. With one liter of electric kettle, you can make three large cups of tea or coffee. Therefore, buy a hot water kettle according to your family size and requirements. It is important to remember that you have to leave at least 20% of the space empty for boiling and brewing.

2. Speed of Boiling:

The speed of boiling depends solely on the wattage. The higher the wattage of the electric kettle, the faster will be the boiling. A typical electric kettle of 1500 wattage will make one liter of water boil in less than five minutes.

3. Material and Handle of the Kettle:

It is better to opt for metal electric kettles as they are highly durable, especially the stainless steel ones. They also add to the aesthetic part with the polished mirror surface. Also, you must consider the handle of the kettle as important. A plastic handle keeps it cool all the time. The shape and positioning of the handle have to be ergonomic as it determines the balance factor in filing, lifting, and pouring from the kettle.

4. Power & Safety:

More capacity consumes more power. In order to save power consumed due to overheating, you need to consider choosing a product with a quality automatic shut-off. The safety of an electric kettle does not end with having safe power consumption; one needs to consider another important factor. Water level indicator.

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