What is an LED TV?

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is an illumination system used in displays. LED TVs are flat-panel TVs that use the LEDs as a light source behind the screen, which enables them to be thinner than traditional LCD TVs.

What’s the difference between QLED, OLED, and LED TVs?

Quantum Dot LED TV or QLED TV is a variation of the standard LED TV. These TVs use LEDs to light up the display and quantum dots to produce the colors. On the other hand, OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. In OLED TVs, instead of backlights, the pixels emit their own light.

Why should you buy a LED TV?

When it comes to balancing performance with price, no one does it better than LED TVs. These TVs are available across various screen sizes. From a 32-inch LED TV for your bedroom to a 65-inch LED TV for your living room, you can buy a LED TV that best suits your room size. Display resolution is an essential factor when it comes to any screen like TVs and Monitors. HD Ready and Full HD TVs are widely available while 4K TVs, also called Ultra-HD TVs, are gaining popularity too.

Considering how often we stream shows and movies, investing in a Smart LED TV is a good idea. These TVs connect to the internet and let you enjoy your favorite content on big screens. The in-built speaker quality and connectivity slots available are two other features to be considered before zeroing down on the best LED TV for you.

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