Upgrade your living room with an Android Smart TV

TV is no longer a box used to just watch the content your TV provider gives you. Smart TVs allow you to stream content right from the web, thanks to the presence of operating systems. Similar to their Smartphone counterparts, Android TVs are known for their accessibility and the number of applications available.

What is the difference between Google TV and Android TV?

Android TV and Google TV are operating systems offered by Google for TVs and Google’s own Chromecast devices. Google TV is the newer of the two and soon might be the OS of choice for Smart TVs. So, whether you choose an Android Smart TV or Google Smart TV, you will get a massive selection of Smart TV apps for streaming platforms, games, and web browsers.

How to choose the best Android Smart TV?

With the sheer number of Smart Android TVs available in the market, choosing the best Android Smart Television is a matter of need.

Android TV screen sizes can range from moderate 32 inches to a whopping 70 inches. If you are confused about which TV size to go for, you can refer to our Television Buying Guide.

The next factor to consider is the resolution of your Television. Many prefer QLED Android Smart TVs for their stunning 4K resolution. You can also opt for LED Android TVs which are either HD Ready and Full HD Smart TVs.

If you plan to make the Android Smart Television the centerpiece of your Home Theatre, you should check the sound quality and connectivity ports present.

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