Looking to buy a Microwave or an Oven?

With a wide range of Microwave ovens available in the market, it often gets confusing to differentiate one product from its competitor or to choose one that best meets your requirements. This is where Bismillah Electronics steps in. At Bismillah Electronics, we take pride in helping you buy. It is our constant endeavour to understand your needs and to help you find the product best suited for You! Because a purchase is just the first step to a relationship that will last for years to come.

What is a Microwave Oven?

A microwave oven is a household appliance with which you can cook food faster and enjoy a hot meal anytime. Microwave oven runs on electricity and converts electrical current into heat energy through the magnetron which has a heating filament inside it. The magnetron emits waves (radiation) that reach the food. The food is rotated by the turntable, which is made of glass so that the heat can reach all the parts of the food evenly.


Depending on their functions, Microwave oven types are broadly divided into the following:

Solo Microwave Oven: This is purely for reheating, and some models also offer defrosting convenience.

Convection Microwave Oven: This not only heats and defrosts, but also grills, bakes, and does the roasting function. There is a fan in the convection oven that helps in moving hot air in the cavity to ensure uniform and fast heating. This type is requisite for baking cakes, muffins, cookies and pizzas. The function of baking and grilling can be performed independently or together. Do check the best convection microwave ovens in Bismillah Electronics.

Grill Microwave Oven: This, as the name suggests, is primarily for grilling meat, paneer, and vegetables. This is an ideal choice for people who need their microwave to perform more than just reheating, but at the same time, are not looking for baking and roasting features. This type of microwave oven comes with grilling accessories.

OTG: Oven Toaster Grill (OTG) can cook, bake, toast and grill. The accessories that normally come with OTGs are racks, trays, rotisserie rods, and tongs.

Built-in Microwave Oven: This can be any of the above four types. Built-in Microwave Ovens are perfectly integrated into the other furniture of your kitchen, thus they don’t take up more space but compactly fit in and enhance the decor of the kitchen.

Why Do You Need Microwave Ovens?

The need for a Microwave oven is felt in the present like never before, and the use of this wonderful appliance is only going to increase rapidly in the coming days. Just as adopting the refrigerator at first happened at a slow pace, similarly, the adoption of Microwave ovens in Pakistan homes is happening slowly but surely with increasing momentum. Microwave ovens are one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Microwave oven uses are multiple. Microwave ovens can cook a wide range of cuisines within minutes. Equipped with the latest technology and features Microwave ovens not only add style to your kitchen, but they offer an enhanced cooking experience. They perform most of the complex cooking procedures and help in making your day less tedious. Contemporary Microwave ovens feature the latest innovation in the field of cooking, and they come with many pre-set menus, LED displays, programmable keypads and touch buttons, timers and alarms. Though in every kind of cooking, some nutrients are lost, the percentage of that happening in Microwave ovens is much lower because the food is cooked much faster and not exposed to heat for too long. This process ensures that you have a wholesome and nutritious meal. Also, Microwave ovens ensure less energy wastage as the waves come in direct contact with the food. Thus, the food is cooked from the inside and that makes sure that no unnecessary energy is wasted, which is not the case in other mediums of cooking. Cleanliness is another reason why cooking in a Microwave oven is a much better option compared to other mediums of cooking such as using gas, wood or kerosene. Microwave Ovens run on electricity and electricity does not pollute the environment, save only for the production process of electricity. Besides, they come with defrosting function, so you can put the refrigerated food items right from your fridge into the microwave oven, and the food will be defrosted within a minute or two. Are you, then, ready to bake delicious cakes, and eat mouth-watering fried fish, grilled chicken, and noodles just in a jiffy? If the answer is yes, you know what you should do. Electric oven prices are pocket friendly.

What Should You Consider Before Going to Buy

A microwave oven is a very valuable appliance to have in your space, but not all of them can tick all your boxes. Among other things that one should consider before buying a microwave oven, the important ones are:

Microwave Oven Type: The types of microwave ovens have already been mentioned above. Depending on your need, you can choose the one that best meets your need. If only reheating is required, customers can choose a Solo Microwave oven. If you want it for reheating and focus on the grilling feature, go for a Grill Microwave oven. If you want it to defrost, grill, reheat, cook, and occasionally bake, the best Microwave oven type would be the Convection Microwave oven. If your focus is primarily on baking, the perfect type would be the OTG. If you care to save space and add to the style of your kitchen, you can opt for the Built-in Microwave oven.

Capacity: Depending on the family size, one can choose the best microwave oven that serves the purpose. A single person can go for a microwave oven with a capacity of five to six litres. Two people would require a microwave oven with a slightly higher capacity, somewhere between eight to ten litres. Larger families can look for microwave ovens with twelve litres capacity or more.

Aesthetics: This refers to the style, look, and colour of the microwave oven, which one can choose depending on one’s preference and taste.

Efficiency: This can be gauged in terms of power consumption and the speed with which the microwave oven functions.

Thinking If You Should Buy Microwave Oven Online or from a Store?

Honestly, as long as you know exactly what you want, you can either buy Microwave online or from a store. At Bismillah Electronics, we try to ensure a seamless shopping experience – in-store, online or mobile. Among a flurry of benefits, we provide personalised exclusive offers, convenient EMI payment options, etc. Just in case you face any problem with your gadget. Also, while Microwave Oven prices in Pakistan may vary from brand to brand and technology to feature, we strive hard to provide a wide catalogue of Microwave for every budget. After all, the core purpose of Bismillah Electronics is to convert each and every dream of our customers into reality.

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