Refrigerators are necessary, Every single person, even in the same family, uses a Refrigerator differently. Your parents may want to store their medicines, you may use them for your meats and beers, and for your kids, it could just well be the thing to raid for goodies. This makes a Refrigerator a ‘we’ appliance more than a ‘me’ appliance.

What Refrigerator is right for you?

What Refrigerator works for you depends on how many people are will be using it. If you’re living alone and don’t fancy yourself a super chef, a simple, Single Door Refrigerator should do just fine. Hate leaving your bedroom when you’re binge-watching your favorite shows? A Mini Fridge, just next to your bed is what you’re likely dreaming of. A Double Door Refrigerator is ideal for a twosome or a small family and a Three Door Refrigerator, also known as a Triple Door Refrigerator, works well for a growing one.

As you go up the price range chain, the features get better as does the technology. A Sid-by-Side Refrigerator is great if your freezer usage is high and a French Door Refrigerator is what you want to show off to your guests. Select from a range of Deep Freezer Refrigerators, as well as commercial deep freezers, freezer coolers, micro freezers, and other fridge freezer models to keep your frozen goods frozen, and nutritious for a long time.

Technology to keep your meals fresh and bills low

The inverter technology is one of the latest innovations in the Refrigerator segment. This technology is also used in ACs and functions similarly in Refrigerators: it keeps the compressor running on optimum power while also being energy efficient. Several Refrigerators have a star rating; the higher the star rating the more efficient your fridge is. However, some of the more expensive Refrigerators don’t have star ratings at all since the in-built inverter technology ensures that their compressor is functioning at optimal energy-efficient levels.

Buy Refrigerators and Freezers from Bismillah Electronics

Prices for Refrigerators in Pakistan vary depending on brand and technology. Bismillah Electronics retails Refrigerators manufactured by Haier, Dawlance, PEL, Waves, Gree, and Samsung.

Avail of easy EMI payment alternatives, and opt for, Life Time Service Assurance, Extended warranty, Home Maintenance, On-Demand Repairs, Device Secure, and Device Secure Gold plans to keep your Refrigerator running for a long.

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