Best Single Door refrigerators for your kitchen

Excellent for small spaces or the non-fussy user, Single Door Refrigerators make for an excellent compact addition to your home. Apart from being power-efficient, Single Door Refrigerators are priced reasonably and come in a variety of colours that complement the vibe of your contemporary kitchen.

Unlike frost-free fridges, most Single Door Fridges require manual defrosting twice a week. Regular defrosting is necessary to maintain the temperature inside your fridge to keep the contents inside fresh always.

But not all Single Door Refrigerators have to be manually defrosted. Several top-of-the-line brands have introduced Single Door Fridges with automatic defrosting too. This saves you the hassle of remembering to do it yourself every few days and not having to worry about what happens to your refrigerator’s contents when you’re travelling for extended periods of time.

Features of a Single-Door Refrigerator to look out for in 2022

Single Door Refrigerators come equipped with Crisper technology, which maintains the humidity within your appliance and ensures that your perishable food remains fit for consumption for long periods of time. Some fridge models in this category also feature FlexLift, which allows users to adjust the height of the racks according to their requirements

Is a Single Door Refrigerator the best option for you?

Single Door Refrigerators are perfect for one to two people. So, if you’re living by yourself, sharing your flat with one other flatmate, or have moved in with your partner, the Single Door Refrigerator is perfect for you. With a capacity of up to 300 litres, a Single Door Fridge offers enough space for you and your plus one’s groceries. Since it is also an entry-level category, a Single Door Refrigerator doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket

Keep your food healthy, fresh and cool with the best refrigerators

A fridge has become a necessity and an essential element of our everyday life. It caters to a lot of our food needs and adds comfort to our routine.  The refrigerant inside absorbs the heat from your food, keeps it cool and prolongs the shelf-life of your food.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, home appliance companies are coming up with refrigerator models that offer features beyond simple chilling, and fit into the interiors of your kitchen seamlessly.

So, before you buy refrigerators onlinebrowse online to see which one fits your needs, interiors and budget.

Types of refrigerators

With so many varieties of refrigerator models available in India these days, it could be confusing to pick the right one. In case you’re planning to do refrigerator online shopping, it’s good to know the types that fit your budget, space and storage needs.

1. Single Door Refrigerators

If you’re tight on your budget or have a very small family or the space available in your kitchen is very limited, the compact design of a single-door fridge could just be the answer to your need. These fridges contain the freezer and the vegetable compartment within the refrigerator.

2.  Double-door refrigerators

Double-door refrigerators offer you more space and have an enhanced cooling effect to preserve food for a longer duration of time. They come with a capacity of 235-495 litres. Using energy-efficient star ratings, you can find some of the best double-door refrigerators that optimise the usage of electricity and consume lesser power to give you reduced power bills.

3.  Side-by-side door refrigerators

side-by-side refrigerator looks like a cupboard with 2 doors opened side by side. These refrigerators help with heat loss. They are fast becoming a trend in modern homes as they offer a lot more features which include LED display, water dispenser, multi-air flow cooling and a larger capacity than single & double door fridges.

4. Triple-door refrigerators

The 3-way flexible shelf allows you tremendous leeway in storing different kinds of foods at a time. Triple-door refrigerators are frost-free, have large separate drawers for vegetables usually at the bottom, and have a storage capacity of around 240-350 litres.

 Best refrigerator brands

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