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Front Load Washing Machines have made their mark as an indispensable part of our lives. In fact, efficient laundry routines begin and end with a powerful Washing Machine that can help fight off stubborn stains. But the age-old debate between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machine users often remains open-ended.

What is the difference between a Front Load and a Top Load Washing Machine?

As the name suggests, a Front Load Washing Machine is a fully automatic machine that allows you to load your clothes from the front. A Top Load Washing Machine, on the other hand, has a lid on top. While the capacity may vary from model to model, Front Load Washing Machines are best known to consume lesser water and electricity.

What are some benefits?

Because of their horizontal rotational axis, These Washing Machines do not utilize a lot of resources to spin clothes within the drum. Apart from that, these machines do not require a drum full of water and can function well with a shallow pool of water. Front Load Washing Machines also tend to save on long hours of drying time. Several Washing Machines in this category today come with a built-in heating element that can help you dry clothes faster. It increases the temperature of the water used to wash and helps clean the clothes more efficiently.

In fact, these Washing Machines also give you cleaner clothes because of their tumbling motion. Lastly, they’re compact and leave you with more space in your drying area.

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