Convenient cleaning with Top Load Washing Machines

Top Load Washing Machine makes your lives much easier, Known for their ergonomic design at affordable prices, these Washing Machines are a popular choice in many homes.

What is a Top Load Washing Machine?

A Top Load Washing Machine is a machine that lets you load clothes in it by opening the lid which is on top of the machine. This machine has only one tub for both washing and drying.

Why buy Top Load Washing Machines?

There are several advantages. Their design makes it convenient to load and unload clothes. Thus, households with elderly people will benefit from these machines as they stand at an ideal height to prevent bending down or kneeling. Another advantage is that you can add clothes even after starting the wash cycle. They are also known for quicker wash cycles and lesser vulnerability to mold build-up.

Things to consider while buying Top Load Washing Machines

The most important thing to consider when you buy a Top Load Washing Machine is its washing capacity. Households with up to two members can go for 5kg to 6kg Washing Machines while 6 kg to 8 kg Washing Machines is recommended for larger families.

Top Load Washing Machines tend to occupy more space than Front Load Washing Machines. If you already have an area allocated for the machine, ensure the Washing Machine you choose will comfortably fit the space.

Every Washing Machine model offers various wash modes and spin settings. Some machines even offer additional features like a touch display, steam wash, hot water wash, and remote control via Smartphones.

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