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A water Dispenser is necessary!

Water is essential for life. No one or nothing can exist without water. For humans, a glass of fresh drinking water is imperative. However, with the ever-increasing water pollution, tap, tube wells, or well water is not safe to drink. Thus, the water needs to be purified, before drinking, to kill any existing germs from it.

This problem can be solved by using water dispensers. It has become an essential household appliance that provides purified, healthy, and tasty water. Not only for homes, but water dispenser is also used in restaurants, offices, and other commercial spaces. Apart from purification, it also serves to heat or cools the water in several models.

Types of Water Dispensers


  • A pre-filled water bottle is placed on top of the unit, and from there, the water directly flows down into the water tank below.
  • No filters are provided with these dispensers; hence, you must place a pre-filtered water bottle on the top.


  • The pre-filled bottle of water is kept inside a cabinet situated at the bottom of the dispenser unit.
  • With the help of a water pump is pumped and passed above to supply hot and cold water.
  • The installation is at the and mostly covered.
  • This type of dispenser unit is usually used in homes and offices.

Counter Top

  • It is kept on top of the kitchen counter.
  • Unlike the top-loading and bottom-loading dispensers, it occupies less space.
  • Ideal for homes and offices where there is a space crunch.
  • Pre-filled water bottles are needed.

Bottle Less

  • A bottle filled with water is not needed for this kind of water dispenser.
  • The water connection is taken directly from the waterline. Then it is filtered, and clean water comes out from the spouts.
  • Public places and commercial spaces use such kinds of water dispensers.

Choosing a Perfect Water Dispenser

Before you go ahead and buy a water dispenser, it is important to know the features you should look for in a perfect water dispenser:

  • Some water dispensers have only two temperature setting options – hot and cold. At the same time, some dispensers have three options – hot, cold and regular. If you are buying it for home use, it is good to have all three temperature setting options. But, in offices and restaurants, people generally go with hot and cold options. That eliminates the necessity to buy a separate water cooler.
  • Self-cleaning is another feature you should look for while buying a water dispenser. In such models, germs and bacteria from the water tanks and water lines are cleaned and sanitized using ozone technology.
  • Water leakage is a common problem observed in many water purifying appliances. Make sure the model you choose includes a spill-proof bottle-holding feature and leak guards.
  • Always choose a model that has stainless steel water tanks.
  • It is advisable to select a water dispenser with a child lock safety feature to protect children from burning themselves. With this feature, you can lock the hot water spout.
  • Check the energy efficiency star rating before purchasing a water dispenser to avoid paying huge electricity bills every month.

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Drinking clean and pure water is essential for leading a healthy and disease-free life. Be your health supervisor and get a water dispenser to avoid drinking contaminated water. Compare the water cooler prices, features, and models, and select the best one for your home, office, restaurant, or another place.

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